Beginnings and Endings and Lifetimes in Between

28 November 2022
Zoom | 10am – 2pm

(Exploring Loss and Bereavement of our Young People)

Trainer: Joan Hunt – Independent Social Worker Training Consultant

Joan is a former BAAF Trainer Consultant, Social Worker, Adoption Social Worker, Panel Chair, Disruption Chair, Parent and Foster carer and applies both her personal and professional experience to her training with a strong focus on the Childs Lived Experience.

Looked After and Adopted Children experience many losses in their lives. This has huge implications for their wellbeing  sense of permanence and the care that it is provided to them. Understanding the mechanics of Loss and Separation along with the child’s experiences brings us clues to how to deliver the best care for our children.  It also brings us understanding and enables carers to see behaviours as communication. The aim of the training is to consider how carers/parents can respond to a child or young person in times of separation and loss,  how to reduce their stress to ultimately help a child to settle and engage within the family setting and world.

The workshop will consider:

  • What is Loss
  • The Child’s lived experiences (Trauma and  Loss)
  • The implications of Loss and Separation on Children who have experienced Abuse and Trauma.
  • Carer’s Role (Regulation and Secondary Trauma)
  • How it can impact on Parent/Carers and what we can do to enable a child to move on in their lives.
  • Helping children understand how our brains work