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Truth be told: Adoption stories, Wales’ first adoption podcast from the National Adoption Service, follows the journey of 10 adopters with very different experiences brought together to share their stories with each other – from their first steps to adoption to post-adoption support.

Recommended reading List

  • ‘‘Preparing for adoption” by Julia Davies
  • ‘‘The unofficial guide to Adoptive parenting’’ by Sally Donovan
  • “The Adopter`s Handbook” by Amy Salter
  •  “Attachment, Trauma and Resilience” by Kate Cairns
  • “An Adoption Diary” by Maria James
  • “Talking about adoption to your adopted child” by Marjorie Morrison
  • “From fear to Love’’ by Bryan Post
  • “Parenting a child with emotional & behavioural difficulties” by Dan Hughes   (in Parenting Matters series)
  • “Adopted Children Speaking” by Caroline Thomas
  • “Adopters on Adoption: Reflections on parenthood and children” by David Howe
  • “Life Story Books for Adopted Children; a family friendly approach” by Joy Rees

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